"Bing Entertainment" Misses the Mark

Bing, Microsoft's search engine universe, wants to help you find ways to find entertainment. Unfortunately, all they're offering right now are vague suggestions, rather than the specific information on TV, movies and music as they are promising. We gave Bing's new Entertainment search engine a test run, and the results were, well, disappointing.

We did a search on Bing's generic site for "Chicago", and Bing returned the following:

  • Chicago Tourism
  • Chicago Weather
  • Chicago Hotels
  • Chicago Attractions
  • Chicago Band
  • Wikipedia articles on Chicago

We did not see the following 2:

  • Chicago the movie
  • Chicago the Broadway play

This time, we went to Bing's "Entertainment" search engine page, assuming it would know we were looking for forms of entertainment, expecting it to return the following:

  • Chicago the movie
  • Chicago the Broadway play
  • The band Chicago

Unfortunately, we got the same exact results as our search on Bing's normal search engine. It seems there isn't any actual entertainment "screening" taking place on Bing's Entertainment search engine, which actually makes it a portal, not a bona fide search engine.

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