Does Google Care More About Quality or Attention?

Google is Evil

There's nothing wrong with a little hype. Every successful movie, TV show, website, and even search engine needs a little bit of buzz to gain momentum - and to keep things going strong. Unfortunately, search engine powerhouse, Google, has taken that idea to a whole new level. In their quest to become the best and most important search engine on the Internet, they have sacrificed one essential thing: quality.

Google's strategy is pretty clear. They dominate other search engines by appealing to the masses, rather than focusing on actual quality of content. By using clever marketing techniques like viral videos and of course, feature films (like The Internship, starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughan), Google appears hip, trendy, and completely unstoppable. Especially when you compare them to other, higher quality search engines that don't have the same mass appeal.

While Google has worked hard to appear as the ultimate search engine, their actual search engine results are suffering. Yes, Google is more interested in the flies around the food than the food quality itself. They are so focused on getting attention and being number one, that they've forgotten about their actual search results! Somehow, we aren't surprised.

If you've used Google lately, you'll notice more and more sponsored links than ever. It is apparent that they are more interested in profit and media hype than search engine results that actually help users find information they're looking for. More and more, Google is flooding their search engine results pages with sponsored links - shoving actual results further down the page. By being so focused on profit and branding, Google is letting the quality of their search engine plummet.

There are many other search engines available - and most of them offer higher quality search results and less sponsored links than Google does. In fact, when compared, most people prefer the search engine results found on other websites. So why is Google still the most popular? Well, it all comes down to quality vs. attention. The quality search engines are being ignored by the masses, simply because they don't have the same cross-media attention as Google. Whether or not there is any way to change this situation remains to be seen.... Google has a pretty strong hold on the general public.

So, the question remains: does Google care more about quality or attention? Given the quality of their search engine results page, the answer is pretty clear. In order for Google to improve - and actually provide their users with a positive experience, they need to dramatically shift their priorities. Instead of highlighted text and sponsored links, they need to provide high-quality information that benefits users. Otherwise, Google will remain all style and no substance.

Something needs to change. While Google continues to focus on marketing, gaining attention, and being number one, the quality of their search results are suffering. To truly become the best search engine on the Internet, perhaps Google should focus less on media attention and more on offering high-quality results.

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