Quality traffic

Quality traffic means that the people who come to your website via Search Engines are actually interested in the products or services that you offer.

A website needs to analyze the clients it wants to attract. A website needs to focus on driving potential clients that will do business to the website as those are "buying clients". Quality traffic means a higher conversion rate- a better chance that these visitors to your site will actually purchase your product or acquire your services.

After all they searched for what you are offering, so your site matches their search term criteria.

Search Engine search terms can be broken into 3 groups:

  • Group 1 - Broad generic searches.

    Web surfers from this group are searching for a broad term.
    For example, the person searching for a "printer" might actually be looking for: a printing company, a printer for their computer, or a cartridge etc.
    Web surfers form this group will most like not end up being one of your customers because their search is not specific enough for you to pin point what it is that they are after.

  • Group 2 - Generic searches.

    Group 2 searches are usually more focused but are still not refined enough.
    For example, the search results for "printer company" will list different printing companies from all over the world.  It is more likely that surfers from this group will end up as one of your customers.

  • Group 3 - Specific (refined) searches.

    These searches are highly focused and refined. They typically tend to be made up of 3 words or more.
    For example "Business card printer company Los Angeles, California". If you have a printing company in LA, then there's a good chance that people from this group will end up business with you because they are searching for a business such as yours.

When traffic has been directed to your site, it is up to your website's content to keep those visitors interested and provide them with quality information and a simple and easy way to navigate the site.This is a key factor that many websites lack.

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