What Do Typos Mean For Your Search Engine Results?

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Typos happen to the best of us. Say, you're in a rush or you accidentally hit the wrong key and misspell a word or two. It's no big deal...unless you're doing an Internet search. Typos can actually make it difficult to effectively use a search engine. What makes it more complicated? When you spell search terms incorrectly, it impacts the relevance and quality of your search results.

If you think that typos don't matter, think again! According to Google, a whopping 7% of searches have a misspelled word or phrase. Plus, the longer the search query, the higher the chances are of including a typo in your search. What this means, is that the longer your search is, the more likely you are to make a spelling error. This can wind up costing you more time (having to re-type and search again) and can also impact the quality of your search results. A typo can completely alter what you are searching for - and what links are listed.

Since the longer your search query is, the more likely you are to make mistakes, keep it simple! Skip long-winded questions like: "What are the key differences between weather and climate?" and instead type only the most important search terms. For example, in that case, you would search "weather and climate difference" or "weather vs. climate." In order to cut down on search engine typos, you'll need to simplify your searches. This will provide you with more quality results and a lot less errors.

Typos matter, especially when you're searching for specific information. Inaccurate queries lead to inaccurate and incomplete search results. So, what do typos really mean for your search engine results? Well, generally speaking, it affects both the relevance and quality of your results. When you spell something incorrectly, it alters the content brought up on the search engine results page. A typo may give you information that you don't want or need...or it may bring up poor quality results that don't fully relate to the topic you're searching.

Another issue with search query typos? They can affect your business. That's right, the high number of typos found in long search queries don't just affect the quality of your own search engine results - they can also impact your business. If you have focused your website on specific Ad Words or SEO techniques, then incorrectly spelled search words can impact whether or not people are finding your page.

Thankfully, more and more search engines are starting to recognize the way typos affect your search results. For instance, Google now has their "did you mean this?" pop up whenever a common typo is made. This tool helps to redirect incorrect search queries, which positively impacts users and businesses alike. By recognizing human error, search engines are starting to bring little more accuracy back to web searching.

When it comes to Internet searches, typos matter. In order to find the high-quality information you really need, it's important to search smart. Whether this means focusing on your typing skills, narrowing down your search terms, or making the most of search engine redirections, pay attention to how you search. Remember, quality is key!

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