Writing SEO Content for the Right Side of the Brain

Brain Waves

Last week, we talked about writing content for the left side of the brain. We know that the left side of the brain is responsible for allowing us to reason, and also to think logically and sequentially. This means when we search the Internet for things that are important to us, we will winnow out the information that is logical, and is written in a way we can easily understand. Our left brain logic will tell us to bypass any information that is too confusing; in the case of SEO content writing, that means anything so loaded down with keywords that there is no viable message to be found.

Now that we know what the left brain wants, we need to tackle what makes the right brain happy.

The right brain is a much more subjective domain, because it is responsible for our inherent creative and intuitive capabilities. The right brain is also responsible for processing more random information; in other words, the left side of your brain is more "black-and-white", and the right side is all about colour. Those of us with pronounced creative and artistic skills get them from our right brains. That explains why many creative and artistic thinkers are not too proficient at things like mathematics.

The right brain is responsible for analyzing the information it takes in. It allows us to determine what we think is valuable and important, and what we think might be dubious. Mind you, this skill is stronger in some and weaker in others. That's why there are so many scams out there, because not everyone is capable of spotting them. Your level of intuition is determined by your right brain; as we know, some of us are more intuitive than others.

When it comes to writing SEO content for the right brain, you want to try to tickle its fancy while giving the left brain the information it requires. That means you have to provide certain points that may or may not be important to everyone, but they are important to many visitors to your site. For example:


"Keeping your air ducts clean during the summer is just as important as keeping them clean in the winter. Even though you spend less time at home is the summer, you still want the cool air circulating throughout your home to be clean. Your cooling system will run more efficiently, you'll feel better and you'll save money on energy costs. "Your home is your sanctuary"."


"Many people need the guidance and encouragement a personal fitness trainer provides. If a person feels they cannot achieve fitness alone, they need to read about why it is important to work with someone who can help them achieve their goals."


"Poster tubes and document carriers are important items for many professionals. These items can also be costly to purchase, so potential customers need to be reminded of the value of purchasing something that satisfies a practical need as well as an aesthetic need."

In addition, the prominent "Made in the USA" logo is of great importance to many consumers, since the majority of the goods we purchase are manufactured and imported from other countries.

When you think about the examples of copy we've chosen, you'll see that they are not examples of decisions we are entirely conscious of. We tend to think of our right brain function as, "we want what we want because this is who we are." We want to satisfy those needs that are important to us, even if we don't realize why they are important. Sometimes, it takes someone or something else to point them out to us to make us understand. This may sound a bit manipulative, but what good content is really doing is appealing to your intuition. Your entire brain takes care of the rest. And that's what we'll be talking about next week.

In the meantime, ask a Toronto SEO consultant about how to write SEO content that will appeal to the right brain.

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