Raise Your In-Person Profile to Generate Fresh Searches from Customers

A couple of months ago, one of our clients, K9-Toronto, attended the Woofstock event as a vendor. The idea was to spread the word to area dog owners about K9-Toronto services, particularly their Mobile Dog Grooming, which not a lot of dog grooming businesses offer. As a matter of fact, K9-Toronto was the only dog grooming company at the event offering this service. Dog owners from all over Toronto and the GTA were intrigued by the idea of having the grooming salon come to them, as opposed to having to drag an unwilling dog to a groomer. The event was a huge success for K9-Toronto, resulting in a large group of new customers, particularly due to brand recognition as well as for a specific service.

In this age of Google, we have to remember that people still want a personalized experience. The trick is, you have to give it to them online as well as in person. The K9-Toronto/Woofstock example is important because our client understands that caring for your pet is as important as caring for yourself. You want to meet and speak to the people you will be entrusting with the care of your beloved animal, in addition to having a good sense about the company by obtaining information via an effective online search.

What makes Mobile Dog Grooming a unique keyword project for search engine marketing is that the word "mobile" differentiates it from traditional dog grooming. There are many dog groomers in Toronto, but not many Mobile Dog Groomers. K9-Toronto employees made sure to stress the "mobile" service to everyone they met and spoke to at Woofstock. Additionally, the Mobile Dog Grooming page of their Web site contains information about how convenient it is to have your dog groomed at your very own home. By concentrating on the message of bringing the grooming salon to you, users are encouraged to try a service they might not have known existed.

In the two months since the event, searches for "Mobile Dog Grooming" that lead to K9-Toronto's site increased by 64 percent. Searches for "dog grooming" remained the same. This proves that spreading the word about a specific service will get the attention of those who are in need of it. There are many dog groomers in Toronto, but not many Mobile Dog Groomers. Making your keywords as specific as possible is the key; so is going out and meeting your customers face-to-face. Giving customers the opportunity to see your services first hand, reinforces your online message and results in more conversions.

Many industries can benefit by this. Real estate agents can sell townhouses as well as "town-homes", or teach potential clients to search for "Real Estate Agent Hebrew". Attorneys Lawyers can help clients who have been charged with "DWI", instead of "DUI".

Your Toronto SEO consultants can show you how this can work for your business. The right tweak of a keyword can bring you more traffic than you ever thought possible.

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